Parent their Interest: Identify your Teen's Interest and Lead them toward Taking Initiative (for parents)

We've created a quick-start program to get your teen started on talent-building TODAY.

Parents today are worried about their children's future.

College isn't always a sure-bet for landing that ideal long-term vocation.

Never mind the cost of tuition.

And yet, we KNOW you're raising a child who has the potential to be able to not just make a decent living but make a big difference.

But you need to start NOW.

Think about it - if your child could start developing a talent NOW, that same child will have a full portfolio ready to showcase to a future employer OR a college entrance counselor. 

We've now guided our own adult children (5 out of 9 so far!) to each develop a full-blown talent to be able to not only be good at something but to be able to fully support themselves by the time they're 18.

Often sooner.

The benefit of starting young (as young as 12) is that you'll get a child so motivated and so passionate about life, your main problem will be getting him or her to bed to stop building their work and get to bed on time.

We'll let YOU handle that.

Let US handle the guidance that we'll offer you in coaching your child to turning that interest into something valuable. 

Here's why you should join NOW!

We're offering a full 30 minutes of consultation time where we can let you know if what your child is choosing as an interest is something they should continue on, or if they should slightly pivot so that they don't waste their time. 

We are here for you to guide you and offer insight and suggestions!

You get to reap the benefits of a fully talented child with plenty to offer your family and others.

Act now to get that bonus consultation!
parent their interest ecourse

8 Modules

Start here

Watch our welcome video, and then meet a mom whose son is interested in becoming a professional football player. Find out what we tell her to steer his passion for football into something even more meaningful for him, and his family.

MODULE 1: Find an Interest Worth Pursuing

In this section, Jonathan explains the process of how to find an interest for your teenage child. This is an important step because it will create a deep inner motivation and passion in your child. 

(Our daughter Noelle drew the image you see in the banner above. She was able to simultaneously develop an interest in art with her love of horses... but not always at the same time. There was a time when one interest made more sense than the other.)

MODULE 2: Go for the Low Hanging Fruit

In this section, you will take your lists of interests and divide them by primary and secondary, looking for the "low hanging fruit" in your environment. This step is important because you will be able to identify those interests to focus on that won't break the family's routine and lifestyle, and yet your child will still show motivation and skill-building.

(In the above banner image, our son Simeon is 12 and found some wins by merging an interest in voice acting with equipment we had in our home.)

MODULE 3 Do it So That Others Like It (Bring Value)

In this section, you'll take that cluster of 2-3 interests and you'll want to make sure that the goal is not just so that your child will enjoy this interest, but to show how it can be shared with others for their enjoyment, education and value.

(The above banner features our son Nicholas, whose interest in all things computer-related has opened many doors for him to help others out.) 

MODULE 4 Taking Ownership

What makes passion and motivation grow?  When your child takes ownership.  This is involves planning and calculating and acting out on the interest. 

(That's our son Gideon in the banner above. Once he started developing his talent, he found the need to improve his public speaking skills. So, he recorded himself speaking 100 times and posted them on Instagram. View them here.)

MODULE 5: Where Is This All Going?

In this section, you'll find that as the interest develops, doors open.  The next steps are even better because skills get stacked, your child becomes an expert in a particular field, and your child's motivation grows. 

(Our eldest son Jonathan is featured in the banner above. His initial interest in photography and music at a young age has led him to now owning his own business where he can set his own hours, decide the work he wants, and reserves plenty of time for travel and exploration.) 

Final Thoughts

You now have something to work with. Read through this section to give you some ideas on how to get through some of the distractions that might come in the way of moving forward. 

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