How to Find Your Passion Early (for ages 12 to 16)


If you are between the ages of 12 and 16 and you have a desire to become very good at something than YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE.

This workshop is for the young person who wants to start developing a skill or talent NOW into a passion of his own.

This workshop is also for you if you are a young person with many small interests and mini-passions, but are not quite sure what to emphasize and which direction to take it all.

We will show you our exact strategy of how we took our kids on a journey to developing a talent starting at an age that most adults wish they would have started.

Each of our now-adult kids started their journey at about the age of 12, when we guided them to spend time with a simple interest, grow the interest, add new skillsets on top of the original interest, until a very interesting portfolio of skills and abilities emerges...all while providing value (and earning money!) along the way.

We have a drone operator, a machinist, a coder, a graphic artist, and an efficiency expert... each making money with their skills. Three of the four were able to move out of their parents' house right after high-school and fully support themselves with their skills and talents and the fourth one is able to continue making some side money from her talent while being a housewife.

Would you like to find your own passion at an early age?

Up until now, have you felt like it is just a lucky thing to fall into and there is nothing you can do to find it on demand?

You have come to the right place.

Watch this to see what to expect:

This workshop will show you how to eliminate luck and will help you think outside the box so you can start something AMAZING. 

We will guide you through the process so that by the time you are finished with the workshop, you will have an action plan to generate a passion of your own. 

What if you, while still in your teen years, could turn one of your casual interests into something more than a hobby, that could be used to bring value to others now?

Would this be a game-changer for you?

The truth is that an interest or hobby by itself does not have enough power to change the course of your life - but it can if you stack the right ingredients on top of it!

The good news is that those key ingredients are already under your nose within your family and social circles.

The double-good-news is that you will not need to beg your parents for money as you will use what is already available to you.

Go through this workshop and you will find out which of those ingredients to unlock so you can start turbo-charging your otherwise casual interest into something valuable and meaningful.

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