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How to Find Your Passion Early (for ages 12 to 16)

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Complete this workshop so you can find your passion early in life!

If you are between the ages of 12 and 16  and you want to find your passion early in life then YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE.

If you feel like you have no interest at all yet, this workshop is for you.

If you have a small existing skill but want to bring more meaning to it, then this workshop is also for you.

And if you have many interests, but you are not sure in which direction to go, all this energy, then this workshop will show you how to start bringing it all into focus.

By the time you've completed this workshop, you will know how to turn an interest into a passion in such a way that you will be ready for the next stage: turning it into a marketable talent during your teens.

Blog To Your Talent (for teens)

This course will teach your teen how to write around a focused topic of interest, so he can grow his online documentation into an online portfolio of his talent.

The course is broken into bite-size 40+ daily lessons.

Long term, your son or daughter can show a documented track record in a blog that they are truly proficient at a particular skill set. 

Here are the benefits of this type of blogging:

Your teen's communication and writing abilities naturally improve with each new blog post 

Your teen builds up a living portfolio around an interest that grows into a meaningful passion

Your teen learns to be relevant in what he or she is learning.

Your teen documents the process of trying to find answers.

Your teen can see the progress he is making.

Parent their Interest: Identify your Teen's Interest and Lead them toward Taking Initiative (for parents)

This course is geared toward giving the parent the blueprint for walking their teen through the steps of launching an interest into a passion and lays the groundwork for creating a marketable talent.

We'll guide you through how to identify an interest or two to start bringing value from it within the next couple of weeks. 

This is the perfect time! Your 12-16 year old is young enough to accept your guidance, he or she already has an interest or two ready to go, and with our help, we'll show you how your teen can bring value by building this interest into something valuable!

Learn more inside!

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